Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Forget Celtics vs. Lakers, it's Garnett vs. Kobe

I'm psyched for this finals because it could be the defining moments for both Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant.

Garnett fills up a box score as well as anyone in the history of the game. He's just lacked wins and for a long time you could chalk it up to a weak supporting cast. I already have him as the 13th best player ever, just ahead of Shaq and Bob Petit, so in my system he's already proven himself.

But if he can't will his team to win this series, he'll always have detractors.

Kobe has three titles as a sidekick to Shaq and is ranked No. 23 on my list. This is his chance to prove he can win as the No. 1 option, something Michael Jordan did six times.

Already, you have some Lakers fans arguing Bryant, who I have as the No. 3 off-guard behind Jordan and Jerry West, already is a better offensive weapon than Jordan. But if he loses this series, the Bryant vs. Jordan talk is just going to be talk.

I'm taking Garnett -- Celtics in six.

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